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2012 IEEE Healthcare Innovation Conference Live-Streaming!

On November 8, 2012

We are happy to announce that the 2012 IEEE Healthcare Innovation Conference is well underway! We have an amazing lineup of speakers and events and you can check them out in our schedule here: Thanks to our amazing TV producer, Noel Bryson, all keynote sessions will be taped. So if you are wondering what […]

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Space Medicine Roundtable

Global Health Unconference

A roundtable discussion moderated by our student leadership committee with a number of our physicians who have been to space!


Global Health Medical Technology

IEEE Healthcare Innovation Conference
The first major conference where engineers and clinicians working on global health medical technology will have a forum to convene and share best practices.


Translational Medical Technology Workshop

Commercializing Med Tech

IDEO’s Health & Wellness Team will facilitate a full day workshop for participants to see how to apply design principles in translating medical innovation from idea to prototype.