Welcome Message

Welcome to the 1st Annual IEEE Healthcare Innovation Conference

The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMB) Society is pleased to announce the first IEEE Healthcare Innovation Conference in Houston, TX on 7th-9th November 2012 at the Methodist Hospital Research Institute.

This conference is devoted to the exploration of the intersection of engineering, medicine, and health. Emphasis will be placed on novel innovations that have a foreseeable impact on human health and disease.  Specific areas of interest include Imaging; Nano Medicine; Data Mining and the Use of Large Datasets; Remote Sensing; Applied Metabolomics; Aerospace and Harsh Environments; Ideation and Commercialization; and Global Health.

We invite participation by physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industrial leaders, government agencies and policy makers.

The conference will be inaugurated by a keynote lecture and evening reception on Wednesday, 7th November. The following two days will feature plenary, break-out sessions and poster presentations focusing on Translational Engineering in Health & Medicine.  The theme is Translational Engineering in Health & Medicine: the intersection of the lab, the clinic and the community and some of the tracks will be:

  • Imaging
  • Nano Medicine
  • Data Mining
  • Applied Metabolomics
  • Global Health
  • Aerospace
  • Ideation and Commercialization
  • Harsh Environments

Our Keynote and Plenary Speakers will set the tone for a very dynamic conference. We are excited to welcome them!